A Little Lamb Has Joined the Fold

July 21st, 2008 is a day to log in family history.

Turbo asked Jesus to come into his heart – of his own accord – that day.

Yes, I know he’s “only five”. What does that have to do with it? You think God doesn’t draw little ones to Himself?

He had just gotten in trouble for something pretty big, and rather than blurting out “I don’t like getting in trouble!”, he was crying and saying “I hate my sin! I hate doing bad things! I want to pray to God!!!”

Before I even opened my mouth.

For the first time, he fully understood that he had done wrong, and he felt terrible about it – and not just because he got caught. I followed through with his swat, enfolded him in my arms, and he again said that he hated his sin and wanted to pray to God. (Which we usually do whenever he’s in trouble – if he wants to.)

Now, he knows that when he does “bad things”, it’s called “sin”, and that Jesus is always there to wash it away and help us do better next time. He also knows that Jesus “died on the Cross for our sins”. At least, he can repeat those words to me.

It felt different that day, somehow.

Anyway…I explained to him that if he hated his sin so much, that he could ask Jesus to come into his heart and clean all of it out for him. I don’t even really remember everything I said, but I know I looked into his deep blue eyes and told him how much Jesus loves him, that Jesus wasn’t mad at him, and that Jesus wants to be his friend and helper, and that he could be with Jesus forever – all he had to do was ask Jesus to come into his heart.

All of this, I have said to him before.

“You pray first, Mom.”

So I did, asking God to forgive me if I was hasty, to give me wisdom so I can be the best mom I can for him, and to help Turbo know just how much he is loved by God, and by me.

Then he prayed.

Usually, his prayer goes something like this: “I’m sorry God, for disobeying my mommy. Will you forgive me? Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” And the day goes on.

Not this time. This time, he tearfully prayed “Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day. Thank you for this beautiful weather you’ve given us. Will you please come into my heart and take away all of my sins? I just hate my sin…”

He paused, sniffling.

I began to cry too, and when the pause lengthened, but he wasn’t saying “Amen”, I asked him if he was done. “No”, he said.

So, I asked him if he needed help to finish. He said “yes, please”, so I just had him thank Jesus for dieing on the Cross, and for coming into his heart, and had him ask Jesus to help him do “good” things from now on.

“In Jesus’ name, Amen!” I could see the weight just lift from his little shoulders. He knew he was forgiven. You can’t tell me he didn’t – you didn’t see his face light up.

My five-year-old little boy gave his life to the Lord on Monday. I know that he doesn’t fully comprehend all the ins and outs of salvation or eternal life. But I know he understood his need for Jesus to help him, and I know he understood that something good had taken place in his heart. Maybe he can’t explain it himself, but his faith is real.

Even when he strays someday (which we all do in one way or another), he has made a gift of himself to the Father, and God will not forget. God will not let Turbo forget.

I can’t begin to tell you all that is in my heart and in my mind. I kind of feel like Mary – I want to treasure all this up in my heart and ponder it. But, I have to share…I want this written record to declare to the world that little children truly are an example of faith. I only wish mine were so simple. So real.

For the record, I have seen a change in him over the past couple of days. It’s subtle, but it’s there. And I am so, so, so, SO thankful that God is already working in the hearts & minds of my children!

May I never give up praying for them every single day!!! Lord Jesus, help me!


5 thoughts on “A Little Lamb Has Joined the Fold

  1. So completely wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing and spreading the word about children and their depth of faith.

  2. Oh man, this just made me get all teary. What a sweet story, and how great that you have written it all down here. We often write our children’s birth stories, but how often do we think to write their REbirth stories?

    What a special day. Wish I could have seen the party the angels were having in heaven!


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