6 Things

That’s all Sara‘s asking of me. Six random, unimportant things about myself. And then I’m supposed to tag six more people. It’s probably too late at night for me to be doing this, even though it’s only 10:50pm. Oh well. I’m doing this, then going to bed.

In no particular order…
…I think my feet are cute. Except for the callouses.
…I have a lot of freckles, and my Papo used to ask me if I’d been tanning under a screen door.
…I don’t do spicy. Medium salsa is about as adventurous as I get in regards to sinus-clearing food.
…I squint even when it’s overcast, so I always wear sunglasses outside and while I’m driving. If I don’t, I get a headache.
…Music moves me. Especially if it’s loud, rockin’, and I have a lot of housework to do.
…I’m thinking about starting a wordpress site for my doula biz, and getting rid of the blogspot one altogether. But I haven’t decided anything yet.

Ok. I tag…everyone who’s reading this, because it’s late and I want to go to bed. Have at it.

Good night!