Ok, time to get down to business and share some things with you. As I mentioned, we had evening VBS all week last week, for which I volunteered, since Turbo & Cuteness were old enough to participate this year. Nothing very interesting happened to me at VBS, but the kids had a blast, and learned some songs that they’ve been singing ever since. Complete with hand motions. They burst into song at miscellaneous times during the day, so I finally grabbed the camera and shot a few videos of their favorite songs. It’s like living in a musical! I love it.

However, only one of the videos has agreed to be uploaded – don’t ask me why – and it’s set in my messy kitchen. They both have ketchup on their faces from dinner. Cute, I know.

The theme at VBS was “Avalanche Ranch” complete with cowboys, horses, and lots of western adventure-ish songs.

Presenting, my children, singing “Great Adventure” by Steven Curtis Chapman. My personal favorite…

I hope to get the other videos up and running soon for you, because they are just as cute, and it just warms my heart to see how grown-up my kids are getting. It breaks my heart too, but there’s nothing I can do about that.
During VBS, the workers had several short breaks and lulls in the action when we could just visit with each other. I was more blessed than ever to be able to get to know my friend Nichole even better, and finding that we have more in common than we originally thought. Amy too. She hung out with all of our babies last week, freeing us up to do what we needed to do for VBS. I just can’t believe she’s probably leaving me this summer! Ack! Military life can really be a *bad word* sometimes. Anyway – this is a picture of our “Outlaw Hideaway” breakroom. You can see we all took advantage of it!

On the last day of VBS, the kids got a big surprise – they got to ride horses! Real ones. Randi & Russel keep horses, and volunteered to bring some in for the kids to ride. They also brought a couple of miniature horses for the kids to pet. Of course, they were a HIT! I got a couple of good pictures of Turbo riding Meg, but Cuteness was trickier.

When Daddy helped her get on the horse, Randi told her a few rules, and then told her that she could stop whenever she wanted, and she could get down. Well, Daddy told me that the horse took about five steps or so, and she asked to stop. Randi and Daddy both asked her if she wanted to ride the horse, and she said “I did ride the horsey.”

Technically, she did. For all of 10 feet!!! So, Daddy couldn’t get a picture of her on the horse – once she wanted down, she wanted DOWN. No dice for a picture!

Turbo, however, rode the whole way around the church’s back lot, and loved it. Didn’t want to get down. And left his mama crying at the starting point. He looked so small atop that horse, and the horse wasn’t even that big!

Thus ended our VBS adventures this year. Sigh. A lot of us with little ones decided that if it’s in the evening again next year, we probably won’t volunteer. My kids weren’t going to bed until 9:30 every night, and made for some pretty rotten days that week. As much fun as they had, I’m not sure it’s worth sacrificing any semblance of peace in my home during the day.

I’m not going to write it off completely, though. They’ll all be a year older next year, and that will probably make a big difference.

Well, that’s all I can get in this morning for now. I’ll be posting later about some other stuff ‘n’ nonsense, so I hope this tides you over for awhile!