Turbo Turned 5 Today…

…and I didn’t even cry. That is so weird. I always cry on their birthdays. I just do. Because birthdays are hard. No one ever tells you that when you’re about to be a mom. They never tell you that watching your child grow and change will be the most wonderful and bitter experience of your life.

But, enough about me. Today was all about Turbo. We keep things simple around here, and it seems to taste a little sweeter to me.

We took it easy today, since I’d been up waaay too late making his cake and wasting time reading blogs. When will I ever learn?

Turbo has a couple of little buddies we go to church with, whom he has been asking to play with on a daily basis for about a month now, I think. So, I decided to invite them over to share our cake and ice cream. I decided this only the day before. I just thought I needed to. Having those boys over was just as much a present for him as any we could have bought him. Indeed, I think most children are that way – they truly do value a good playmate over a toy. Until the playmate has said toy in their hands, anyway. Ha!

So, after naptime, the boys came over, and ran around outside like little boys are wont to do, squirting each other with cheap-o squirt guns I bought, while I visited with their mom.

We grilled some hot dogs and corn on the cob, heated up some beans, and had ourselves a grand ol’ time before it was time to cut the cake. The chocolate cake that really didn’t take me long to make, but which lit up Turbo’s eyes when I showed it to him in the morning. He was in awe.

We enjoyed our cake & ice cream, then our guests had to leave. After that, we opened presents, and Daddy took him to the garage to show him his new bike – which we were given friends whose son had outgrown it. His eyes just lit up, and in a whisper, he said “You got me a new bicycle?!” As scuffed and used as it is, he was amazed, and couldn’t wait to try it out. So, outside we went, so Daddy could adjust the seat and see how Turbo would do. (We’re waiting on training wheels from yet another good friend whose son no longer needs them. We are sure blessed silly with such generous hearts for friends!)

He’s very nervous about the whole thing, but I know he’ll be doing great in no time at all.

He also received a set of letters spelling his name from his Granny – a la Spider-Man. They are way cool, and Turbo thinks they are awesome! Gramma & Papa sent him $20 and a really cool “fire car” birthday card. We’ll probably use the money to start teaching him about money, and begin giving him allowance, or we’ll just get him some clothes that he needs. Of course, we’re going to give him some to spend however he wants to as well. His great-grandma, Nanny Judy, sent him a card with a quarter, and he promptly put that quarter in his pocket to keep “forever”. Thank you to all of you who called him to wish him a happy birthday, and for your gifts – he was made so happy today!

He really is a special kid, and I wish it wasn’t so hard to watch him grow up.

I apologize for the weirdness of the slideshow…I had to choose between this and having some of the pictures turned on their sides. I hope you enjoy it anyway.