50 Things That Make Me Smile

1. Actually having quiet time in the morning.
2. Little girl giggles.
3. The sounds of Turbo wrasslin’ his Daddy.
4. Dark chocolate.
5. An iced mocha on a hot day.
6. A glass of real iced sweet tea. And by real, I mean brewed from boiling water and tea bags – NOT from a can, bottle, or powder.
7. Root beer floats.
8. Strawberry lemonade.
9. Flip-flops.
10. Baby smiles.
11. A wet newborn on my tummy just after birth.
12. The smell of a freshly bathed baby.
13. Hugs from little arms & kisses from little lips.
14. Red hair.
15. Extreme Fudge Moose Tracks ice cream.
16. Really cold watermelon.
17. The river.
18. The ocean.
19. Hikes in Oregon.
20. A bubble bath and a good book.
21. A day of hard work behind me.
22. Reading blogs.
23. Reading anything, really. .
24. Little hands.
25. Little feetsies.
26. Handmade gifts from friends and family.
27. Making gifts for friends & family
28. Skittles.
29. Granny Smith apples with peanut butter.
30. Cashews.
31. Italian food.
32. An uninterrupted shower.
33. Lilies.
34. Snapdragons.
35. Miniature roses.
36. The first time one of my kids calls me “Mama” without prompting.
37. Date nights with Proudfoot.
38. Helping mommies have their babies.
39. Playing in leaf piles.
40. Surveys, quizzes, memes – anything that lets me talk about myself.
41. Whoppers. The candy, not the burger.
42. Whopper robin eggs at Easter time.
43. Things kids say.
44. Almost dimples.
45. The feeling of accomplishment when at least one room in the house is clean.
46. Fairies.
47. Good movies. And by good, I mean wholesome, well-made, good plot movies.
48. Praise & worship music.
49. Thunderstorms.
50. When God speaks to me.