100 (Little) Things

Inspired by my two most recent posts (Here, and here), I decided to shift gears for my 100 Things page. I want to focus on little things that I love. Little things that inspire, encourage, or just make me smile. Those little things that become my ability to handle the big things. Little things that I am thankful for.

So, without further ado: 100 Little Things.

    1) Cool, crisp, sunny fall days.
    2) Cool, wet, overcast fall days. (a.k.a. “Hot Chocolate Days)
    3) My MIL dancing a jig with her grandkids.
    4) The way my Dad smiles at everything my kids say.
    5) The way Levi hugs me.
    6) The way my kids hug me.
    7) Quotes.
    8) Trees dressed in all the finery of leaves, lichen, and moss.
    9) Trees, bare of leaves, sleeping through winter.
    10) Lily of the Valley.
    11) A little bit of genuine romance. No frill or fuss, just love.
    12) The way the Word of God speaks to me daily.
    13) A really sharp pencil. Better yet, a mechanical one.
    14) Funny little things my kids say.
    15) The way my kids save the majority of their deep conversations for car rides, when I have no way of writing them down for posterity.
    16) The Princess Bride.
    17) Books, and they way they transport me to other universes at very little expense to myself.
    18) Random, silly, or sweet texts from my girlfriends.
    19) The way some people really mean it when they ask, “How are you?”
    20) Worshiping with the Body of Christ – anywhere they may be found.
    21) Those moments when I’m talking with someone and I find new common ground in a, “What, you too?!”
    22) Trail mix with M&M’s in it.
    23) Two-year old nieces who are just adorable, no matter what they do.
    24) Becoming really good friends with your sisters.
    25) Being in my 30’s.
    26) Seeing my grey hairs begin to multiply a little.
    27) Laying my head on Dad’s chest, and listening to his heartbeat, like I did when I was a little girl.
    28) Laughing at anything and everything.
    29) Going all willy-nilly when I feel like it.
    30) Tears.
    31) Happy news, from any quarter.
    32) The special quiet of the country.
    33) The Oregon Coast, and all its nooks and crannies.
    34) Christmas music.
    35) Making my own custom notebooks, and making them for other people.
    36) Making anything, really, as long as it’s relatively simple.
    37) Pretty bookmarks.
    38) Cut glass anything. Levi calls it “old lady stuff.” Whatever. I love it.
    39) Secondhand stores, and being able to spend hours in one by myself.
    40) Comments on my blog.
    41) Generosity. Either the giving or receiving end. Both are humbling.
    42) Words of encouragement, from anyone.
    43) The way Levi says, “I love me, too,” when I tell him I love him.
    44) Levi’s beard, eyes, and smile. Heck, I love his whole face!
    45) The creativity my children exhibit everyday.
    46) Having a little work to do everyday. Even if it’s just laundry.
    47) Rearranging my furniture, just because.
    48) Singing songs with my kids, at the top of our lungs in the van.
    49) Hearing Lydia making up songs as she plays, in that unusually pretty voice of hers.
    50) Writing. Words on a page or a screen makes no difference. I just like putting them out there.
    51) Praying about everything. If God notices sparrows, and clothes the lilies of the field, then I know my every moment is watched and cared for by him as well. Why wouldn’t I pray about it all?
    52) Pretty wooden salad bowls.
    53) Holly and poinsettias at Christmas time.
    54) The French language, though I long ago lost my ability to communicate effectively with it.
    55) Classic works of fiction.
    56) The smell of books.
    57) Red glass jars.
    58) T-shirts with something extra, to make them cute. A ruffle here, a gather there, a unique neckline.
    59) Three-quarter length sleeves.
    60) Mary Janes. In pretty much any form.
    61) Trying on shoes, even if I would never wear them.
    62) Eyelet lace. Just a touch of it here or there.
    63) People who have gardens. I just love being around them. I get inspired.
    64) Chickens, and the funny way they waddle around.
    65) The way I almost never have to push my kids outside. They belong there, and gravitate outdoors all on their own.
    66) Not knowing what’s on TV, because we don’t watch it.
    67) Cuddling up on the couch with Levi and some popcorn for our Sunday night in-home movie dates.
    68) The way my MIL randomly reaches out and just hugs me whenever I’m around.
    69) Watching my kids with their grandparents.
    70) Watching my kids with their aunties and uncle.
    71) Praying with Lolly every week.
    72) Having a few girlfriends who can really challenge and encourage me in my faith.
    73) Mod Podge. That stuff is amazing.
    74) Shiny new quarters.
    75) Being the Tooth Fairy.
    76) A really good pen.
    77) A whistling tea kettle.
    78) Going on hikes to waterfalls up the North Umpqua.
    79) Freckles across little noses.
    80) The way my kids cuddle up to me, all sweet, then demand that I tickle them.
    81) Watching the kids wrestle with their Daddy. There is nothing sexier than a good father – especially the one I’m married to.
    82) A good back rub. From Levi.
    83) The fact that Levi is an amazing kisser. He could keep me spellbound for days, just with a kiss.
    84) The way everyone has a story about cancer. It reminds me that I’m not alone, and I can be the encourager as often as I am on the receiving end of encouragement.
    85) Learning something new everyday.
    86) Birth, and the women who do it.
    87) Really good, dark chocolate.
    88) Really good beer.
    89) Trying out different wines, when I get the chance.
    90) A really good margarita.
    91) Not keeping alcohol in the house, so it always seems really special when I do enjoy a drink.
    92) Hand-written notes. I like receiving them and writing them.
    93) Any excuse to wear a dress.
    94) Being a woman.
    95) Working alongside my mom at anything. Canning, rearranging, painting ceramics, sewing.
    96) My mother’s sense of humor. She can really laugh at anything.
    97) Pretty coffee mugs.
    98) Fairies.
    99) The sound of the dryer, and the feel of the clothes when they come out.
    100) Kitty cats.


7 thoughts on “100 (Little) Things

  1. Oh Tiffany, your list had me spellbound. Just loved every last one of these. (Even the ones that made me blush)
    Thank you for sharing your heart. I have the kettle ready and waiting anytime you want or need to stop by. ❤ you

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