Kids’ Rooms: Before


It’s been a couple of days since I posted, because I was hoping to get before and after shots of the kids’ rooms up yesterday. However, I decided to paint the girls’ room this weekend, thus the after pictures will have to wait until that gets done.

I have to say that after having a tiring week, and a couple of “those” days in a row, yesterday was splendiferous! I was able to completely tackle the kids’ rooms in one day! I planned on having to coerce/nag/bribe my kids into helping me with their rooms, especially in the department of ridding their rooms of extraneous toys.

Cute child laborers.

Cute child laborers.

To my utter astonishment and pleasure, my worries turned out to be unfounded. The kids set to work with a will, and cooperated with each other and with me. Yesterday was a beautiful day! They even wanted to wear a bandanna, just like Mommy! Turbo had to wear his like a pirate, of course.

We started by collecting all their toys from around the house, and Turbo even took a basket outside and found as many toys out there as he could, and dumped them all into the girls’ room. We then scoured Turbo’s room. Monkey used all-purpose cleaner and wiped down the dresser, Cuteness used a microfiber cloth to dust what she could reach, and Turbo helped me vacuum, and dig out any toys from under his bed.

Here are the before pictures of his bedroom:

Boys' Closet

Boys' Closet

Yes, one of the closet doors is leaning up against the wall inside the closet. It’s not broken, per se, but it doesn’t stay on the track. So, I took both doors off, and am planning on making curtains and putting up a pressure rod. I also replaced the lower clothing rod, and lowered that shelf to make it actually practical to use!

Boys' Bedroom

Boys' Bedroom

I didn’t get the best before pictures of the boys’ room, because my little crew was so eager to start, that I wanted to capitalize on their enthusiasm. Also – your eyes do not deceive you in the lack of an upper bunk. We decided not to bother buying a mattress until my Bubbers is old enough to sleep in the bottom bunk. His crib is just to the right of the bunk, as is their dresser.

I’m hoping there will be enough cash in our household envelope to paint the boys’ room as well as the girls’, which I already have the paint for, and am painting this weekend. Turbo says he wants it to be red, and I couldn’t agree more. It suits him so well, and his cheery disposition. I’m thinking a bright cherry red would be perfect.

Either way, I’ll post a more complete after picture, so you can see the whole picture a bit better.

After the boys’ room we sat and sorted through the giant mountain of toys in the girls’ rooms, and culled quite a few from their collection. Cuteness was a bit over-eager, and wanted to sell everything! I had to help her realize that keeping some were okay, because any we don’t sell will go to charity.

We sorted all of the kept toys into $1 clear shoe boxes, for which I am making picture labels. I’m keeping them high up on a shelf, since I have no other easy way to store them. Plus, I think it will help them learn to care for their things better, since they will have to put away toys before they get any more out.

We then broke for lunch and tackled the cleaning. I moved the bunks away from the window, and put the dresser there instead, which created a little more play space for them. All they need now is a table & chairs. Cuteness also pointed out that it would be “really nice if we had a pretend fridge too.” I couldn’t agree more…

Here are the before pictures of the girls’ room:

Girls' closet

Girls' closet

I emptied and repurposed the boxes you see on the top shelf. One was commandeered for dress-up clothes, the other for the stuffed animals and baby dolls they elected to keep. (I allowed one of each kind for each girl).

Next to the dresser.

Next to the dresser.

As you can see, the girls are not great at getting dirty clothes into the proper receptacle. Eesh.

The girls' room.

The girls' room.

The wall you can’t see – to the left – is already a pretty green. The other three walls are going to be a rosy pink color after this weekend. I can’t wait! I’m also going to try and find a pretty white or wooden frame for the foil fairy print you can see hanging straight ahead, instead of that clunky black thing.

These kids deserve more than a Dum-dum.

These kids deserve more than a Dum-dum.

I was so happy with the kids’ cooperation yesterday, I rewarded them with heaps of praise and sugar. Dum-dums can sometimes be a mom’s best friend. :-)

I am so proud of my children, and days like yesterday are the ones that make all of “those” days worth it. I’m not a total screw-up as a mother, and my children love me. More than that, I can see that they’re going to grow up to be everything God wants them to be.

Thanks for your patience with my haphazard posts! I’m so glad you came to visit!

For more Spring Cleaning partyers, please just click on the banner at the top of my post. Or, just go to Simple Mom’s homepage, where she and all the other partyers are about three days ahead of me!

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  1. I am enjoying hearing of your adventures in Spring Cleaning! Everything is looking great!!! You are doing a fantastic job!!!!

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