The Hardest Day


I am 100% positive that today was the most difficult day of my spring cleaning. After today, I’m almost positive the rest of it is going to go pretty quickly.

The rest of my house simply doesn’t need as much work.

Doing our office/everything room was really tough, and I’m still not completely happy. I really want my kids to get the “school” vibe in this room, and it’s just not happening. I think it’s the futon, and how much space it takes up, not to mention all the grown-up art on the walls. I just don’t really know how to change it and still keep my husband happy. This is really the only room in the house, other than our master bedroom, that reflects him at all.

Setting aside that issue to get on with the post.

Remember this?



Well, now it looks like this:



Not bad, right?

I thought so.

Oh, and who could forget this nasty thing:



Guess what? That ivy is actually green! And the lamp? It’s a lovely brownish-bronze. Don’t believe me? Look!



Told you.

I also discovered something rather interesting. I didn’t know it could exist in my home, but I have photographic proof. If not for that, I wouldn’t believe it myself, as my eyes could very easily be deceiving me. Want to see this amazingly impossible thing?

It's an empty shelf.

It's an empty shelf.


I know. I’m still flabbergasted. I think I’ll leave it empty until fall, when I’m sure I’ll need the space for homeschooling stuff. Or something.

Oh – and here’s what I did with Levi’s Beatles memorabilia.



Sigh. I am so glad this room is finished. I got rid of so much stuff too. I found out something interesting about that. The more you decide to put in the give/sell box, the easier it gets. I wondered about that, then decided it was simply a result of my desire to get this over with. The more I put into the box, the more I wanted to put in there.

For me, that was a good thing.

Here are the last of my “After” pictures.

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5 thoughts on “The Hardest Day

  1. Looking good- keep on keeping on ,you’re on the final road to BEAUTY! Good job! Great to see! Love to all.

  2. Wow, you did so much work! It look fabulous! I love your dusty ivy…what a difference. Thanks for coming over to comment on my blog! Keep it up!

  3. It looks absolutely fantastic in there! The Beatle’s memorabilia wall is pretty cool, too. You’re quite the inspiration. Thanks for the motivation (and the helping words!)

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