Weekend Links

  • Let Goliath Fall ~ Antique Mommy
  • 4 Simple Steps to Clean the House ~ Simple Mom
  • The Day I Became a Mom ~ Rocks In My Dryer, featured at The Parenting.com Blogs.
  • 84-Year-Old Social Worker Saves $1.4 Million ~ Get Rich Slowly (If she can do it, then I can do it. Not that I need a million…but not having to have my kids take care of me would be nice.)
  • SCL #522: Going far too quietly ~ Stuff Christians Like
  • Birthish Stuff…

  • The Case Against Breastfeeding ~ The Atlantic Monthly An emotionally-charged article that I think every mom can relate to.
  • A Quiet Place ~ Peggy O’Mara (editor & owner of Mothering magazine).A civil and lovely response to the above article.
  • Home births ‘as safe as hospital.’ ~ BBC News. We no longer have to rely on the older, 5000-mom study. This one looked at 530,000 mothers!!!
  • My Birth In Joy Weekend Links post.
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