We all have doubts at times. Questions that seem difficult, or even impossible, to answer with any kind of satisfaction.

I have learned that the trick to doubts is simple, but not easy. I have learned that it is okay to have a doubt drift into your mind, and even settle in for awhile. I know that the God of all comfort has made a way for me out of my doubt and into deeper faith. He never allows temptation of any kind to last long without opening a door out into the open sunshine and free air again. Never.

So, I’ve learned to take every thought captive. To go to the foot of the Cross as many times as it takes for that way to be clear to me. Sometimes, my questions are answered. Most of the time, they’re not, but there is comfort in the sovereignty of God. Comfort in the arms of the One who made the universe.

There is none like him.


Durin has struggled lately with doubts of his own. I expected this at eleven. This is the time when he will begin to question his roots. Struggle to know himself, the God of his parents, and whether or not this God ought to be his God, too. He is entering into the time when he will have to meet God for himself, and learn that faith is a hard, beaten, and sometimes lonely path.

He shared his struggle with me on Monday, and I encouraged him as best as I could. I shared that our God is the God who promises to be found when we seek him with all of our hearts. Then, my mother shared the following video on her Facebook page. How timely our Lord is!

I showed it to Durin, and he said it helped him a lot. Helped him to see that he is not the only who has ever doubted, nor will he be the last. He saw that there is a way out of doubt, and into faith deeper than the deepest places in the ocean, in the very hands of Jesus.

I hope it encourages you, too.

Grace & Peace,